Good thoughts and safe passage, east coast - The Fund
Good thoughts and safe passage, east coast
Whenever a big storm comes up, I think back to Hurricane Katrina, and how awesome you guys were. Last I heard of lostgirlslair, she and the fiancé were doing well, happy, the fiancé had a great job, and LG was noodling around in the Sherlock fandom.

So many of you (including me, in western Massachusetts,) are going to be affected by Hurricane Sandy. My husband, a newspaper editor in Vermont, is gearing up for another "storm of the century," just months after the anniversary of the devestating Tropical Storm Irene. We went on a trip to a favorite farm stand in southern VT the other day, and you can still see the evidence of the awesome destructive power of wind and water.

Stay safe, y'all, and traveling mercies to the other side.
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