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The Fund

Support your fellow flisters in need.

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Feeling helpless in the face of such tragedy? You don't have to be. Now is your chance to reach out however you can and make a real difference in the lives of people in your own fandom community. the_fund is a Buffy/Angel Fandom Community aimed at relief efforts for some of our fellow fandom friends that have fallen victim to Hurricane Katrina. While other charities focus on those afflicted as a whole, we are focusing on our friends, mrtwstdwhsprs and lostgirlslair, since we are aware of how dire their situations are. If you know of someone who in also in need of help in the aftermath of Katrina, feel free to contact either beadattitude or myself, wickedfox, and we’ll see what we can do to help. In the meantime, whatever contributions are raised here will be used to provide care packages, supplies and funds to help those who we know we can have contact with.

While we don't have an actual fiscal "goal", we thought you may want to keep watch on our progress. The "goal" amount will be adjusted if necessary.
Funds Raised so far:
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7,298 / 8,800

If you are able to contribute fiscally, you can send funds through beadattitude's Paypal account. If you can't offer monetary aid, sign up to commit time and talent to this project so we can raise the funds needed to help our friends. How you can do this is by posting an offer of skills you can do for others to the community. All things are welcome, from writing fan fiction to creating icons, from LJ layouts to fanfic banners, anything you are capable of doing is up for grabs. Be sure to promote your skills by providing links to examples and what your going rate is. If not specified the rates will assume to be the following:

Fanfic 100 words to 500 words: $3
Fanfic 501+: $5
LJ banners, Icon sets (4 icons), fanfic banners, misc. graphics projects: $5
LJ Layouts: $5
Web site help: $5 to $10 depending on sort of aid needed.
Betaing: $1/500 words

If you’re interested in "hiring" any of the talent posted, comment to the writer/artist/web guru’s post with the specifications of what you wish to have, contact information such as email and name and how much you are willing to donate for the work if not the same as the rate posted. If the writer/artist/web guru accepts the proposition, they will respond by commenting and then have a pledge to fulfill. Not all requests will be accepted but that’s where negotiations are fun. The difference in this situation is that the funds need to be collected as quickly as possible to be available for those needing it. So in this case, donations will be collected before hand and as quickly as is possible then the writer/artist/web guru will complete the request in a timely manner.


1. Join the community. You can join the_fund LJ community at http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=the_fund and promote the community to anyone who may be interested in participating or donating. Participants can continually sign on to help since there is no telling how long aid will be needed. Estimates so far in New Orleans alone are that the city may not be hospitable for months so it’s better to overshoot estimates to be safe. Grab an icon and spread the love.

2. Writers/artists/web guru’s who wish to participate should individually post the following information to the community:
  • LJ ID or some type of pledge name and contact email.
  • A description of what services are available through you with links to possible examples and the rates you’d prefer to raise for the projects.
  • Any limitations such as pairings or content you prefer to avoid.
  • Estimates of time taken for work requested and if there are reasons for a possible delay for product.

3. More than one pledge may be posted in a comment as long as they are for the same author. For instance, if you want to hire me for both a drabble and a banner, you can specify that in the same comment.

4. Postings to the community of completed works will continually take place. Of course it’s alright to post finished products elsewhere but it would be nice to share your masterpieces where they were requested. It will be the responsibility of the writer/artists/web guru’s to keep in contact with their donators to make sure they receive their requested pieces.

5. Though there isn’t a deadline for completed works, there will be a reasonable assumption of completion within 6 weeks of the request or around October 15, 2005. The donators will be responsible for contacting their authors/artists/web guru’s until satisfied with the product. If by the sixth week, the work has not been delivered, please contact wickedfox and I will do my best to collect the promised products. *cracks knuckles menacingly*

6. All fics must be 500 words or more. Ficlets or drabbles of lesser length are acceptable when specifically requested.

7. All pairings within Buffy and Angel fandom are welcome as well as crossovers. Due to the outpouring of support, we've now opened our arms to all sorts of fandoms. Everone is welcome!

8. Our preference for donations is to go through PayPal but other arrangements can be made. Please contact beadtattitude@livejournal.com or wickedfoxs13@yahoo.com if you have any questions. To make a payment to PayPal, go to https://www.paypal.com/ and log in to the member log-in area at the top of the screen. Click on the "Send Money" tab and you will have a form to fill out. The "Recipient's email" is how they transfer funds between accounts. For our purposes, the recipient is beadtific@yahoo.com. Please use the "note" area to specify your LiveJournal username/id and which writer/artist/etc. service you were donating for. Once you "continue", you should receive some form of validation to the email account of your PayPal account. These payments will then be transfered on a daily basis to the accounts of mrtwstdwhsprs and lostgirlslair.

PayPal's fees will be automatically deducted from each transaction. Paypal accepts only credit card and checking account payments. Pledges will need one of these in order to render payment. Again, if you cannot make a donation this way, email either wickedfox or beadtattitude to arrange for an alternative.

9. All payments are requested to be received within 10 days of posting a request and receiving a confirmation from the writer/artist/web guru that they accept the project.

10. An account summary of funds collected will be kept and updates posted regularly on our progress.

If you have any questions, please contact the moderators wickedfox at wickedfoxs13@yahoo.com or beadattitude.

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